Lid magazine

The lids are mnaually load to the the magazine on correct position. The capacity of the magazine is about 150 lids.

The lids are ejected by a pneumatic piston on a certain time. The ejected lids goes to labelling unit if the labels needed. Now a days the lid are produced with label. This technology call inmould. So you the producres of wet wipes do not have invest in label seperatly and use down time from labelling unit.

Labelling Unit

Labelling unit is an option for for the reasons mentione above. In any case a labeling unit can be installed on later stages if needed.

Vaccum pads

The vaccum pads pick the lids when arrived to correct position. This position is determind by a sensor. Also a sensore connected to the vacuum pads to make sure there is a lid picked up. Also thad sensor send signals to the hotmelt unit to sprey glue to the lid. That system makes sure if there no lids then no glue spreyed so the glue is not wates and there is mass around.

Products Supply

The products are supplied from flow pack machine. The lid applicator machine conneted to exit of the flow pack machine. No manual transfer need.

The products on the conveyor is dedected by a camera to locate the product location. The camera is identify the symbol that you have teached. The camera ıdentifys the products and the send signal to vacuum pads when and where to stick the glued lisds. If there is no products the lids are not dropped on the conveyor. If the products delayed after so much time then the lids dispossed to indetied safe place in order not to make mass around.

Application of Glue

The glue is applied to the bottom of the lid. There are x and y axis to be glued. Area of x and y axises are determind from the touch screen. That enable us to glue any size of lids. It is nly matter of putting right coordinates.

Setting of Glue

The amount of glued is can be set up from the air pressure of hot melt unit. Also the type of nozzle is also importand. According to area the type of nozzle is determind.

Product Dimenssion Thge product dimentions are are not standart. Bellow mentioned dimenssions can be used
Length 150mm-270mm
Width 90mm-180mm
Height 30-150
Lids Dimesion  
Length 50mm-150mm
Width 50mm-80mm
Height 5mm-10mm
Capacity 50 lids/min
Machine Dimmension  
Width 1200mm
Lenght 3750mm
Height 1850mm
Penaumatic Componenets SMC
Servo Motors / Drives Sigmatek
Hotmelt Glue Unit Nordson / Robatech (as per customer request. The standart is Robatech) price diference will be optional)
Power 380 VAC, 50 hz.